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​Horei line / sagging

​Pore opening / dullness

​Beautiful profile is a symbol of youth

3D hyphen


​Light facial

With aging and photoaging, the skin becomes less moisturized and less firm.

When the cheeks sag, the Horei line stands out, and when the firmness disappears, the pores open.

Get rid of stains before they stagnate! !!


HIFU is an abbreviation for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, which refers to high-intensity focused ultrasound.

Ultrasonic waves are concentrated on the dermis and SMAS fascia, which are deeply involved in the sagging of the skin, and are tightened by heat .


Most people get a tightening effect immediately after the procedure, but

There are individual differences, and some people may not see any external changes.

The peak effect usually appears after 2 weeks to 1 month.

About two months after that, it will return to a state close to what it was before, so it is important to receive regular treatment.

A common anxiety here is that after about two months, the slack may become worse than before.


Even if the effect of HIFU weakens, it will not sag more than before.

Collagen production is activated by one treatment, so compared to people who have not received HIFU,

The state of less slack is maintained.

​¥ 25,000

​Usually single shot

20% OFF for the second and subsequent visits within 2 months  ¥ 20,000​

Save even more with a monthly fee! !!

You can visit the store twice a month for ¥ 22,000 a month!

​Light facial

As you get older, turnover will be delayed, causing stains and dullness.
HR Photo reacts with melanin pigments using wavelengths from 500 nm to 1200 nm.

By temporarily inflicting damage, it promotes turnover.

Damaged skin produces collagen and elastin by its natural healing power.

It can also be expected to be effective in opening pores.


Makeup is possible immediately after the procedure.

The place where the stain reacts may be slightly darker, but

There is almost no downtime compared to lasers, so you can't even scab.

Some people feel firmness immediately after the procedure.

By continuing, the skin will gradually be reborn. A one-month pace is recommended for cleaning.

The stains are stagnant, so the timing is when they come out.

​Usually single shot

​¥ 8,900

​¥ 6,900 as many times as you want at the same time as hair removal

Save even more with a monthly fee! !!

You can visit the store once a month for ¥ 7,800 a month!

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