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NO.1 popular 

​54 sites of systemic hair loss 

​Usually single shot ¥ 25,000


Completely made-to-order treatment that uses different wavelengths of SHR & IPL.

You can aim for completion in the shortest number of times by assessing the skin condition and hair quality of that person.

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​Now for the first time ¥ 17,000

¥ 12,000

​ You can experience hair removal at!

​With the addition of official LINE

​I have already finished hair removal, but I want to finish it partially!

For such you

NO.2  popular 

​VIO Plus 1

​Usually single shot ¥ 9,800


VIO irradiates firmly to the base of the foot

In addition, one part of your choice is included


 ¥ 6,800



The treatment is at that major hair removal salon

Reliable technology because the owner who has been nominated is in charge of himself

Response from customers

・ In the beautiful and clean interior, the owner was very comfortable in a friendly and easy-to-talk atmosphere, and we had a good time listening to stories about beauty. In addition, I was very satisfied with the treatment, which was very polite and smooth as the reputation.

・ The facility was very clean and it was a relaxing environment. It was my first time to experience hair removal, but I was able to receive the treatment with peace of mind after being explained properly.

It felt so good that I fell asleep halfway.

・ I experienced photoepilation several times, but this time I was surprised at the less painful hair removal. The store was beautiful.

・ The shop owner liked it and the service was good.

・ The shop was friendly and I was satisfied with the menu contents.

It was a beautiful shop, so I would like to recommend it to people who want to go there again.

・ The correspondence of the owner was very good. I am grateful for the polite and delicate treatment.

・ Satisfied with the owner's personality, technology and machine performance.

・ I felt that the treatment and customer service were very polite.

・ The shop is very clean. The person who performs the treatment is clean and elegant, and is friendly and easy to talk to.

・ Really less pain

・ Treatment is quick

・ It will do it all over your body (I line, face area, fingertips, etc.)

​Questions and inquiries from the official LINE!

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