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Paila veil (drinking sunscreen) is a new material born of pineapple "Brightening Pine" in addition to the ingredient "Neutrox Sun" which is attracting attention with various expectations.

It is a salon monopoly supplement that is particular about the balance of other ingredients by adding "white fungus extract".


As the name suggests, sunscreen is a supplement that has the effect of preventing UV damage from inside the body. Why does my skin become tattered when exposed to UV rays?

When exposed to a large amount of ultraviolet rays, oxygen called "active oxygen" that strongly rusts the body is generated in the body, causing aging phenomena such as stains and wrinkles.

In order not to generate a large amount of active oxygen, it is first necessary not to expose it to a large amount of ultraviolet rays, but it can be prevented by incorporating something with "antioxidant power" that can counteract active oxygen.

What was made from that perspective is a sunscreen supplement that contains ingredients that have increased antioxidant power to the utmost limit.

In addition, when exposed to ultraviolet rays, the brain commands the whole body to produce melanin (the source of stains) against active oxygen.

This means that even if you apply sunscreen cream only to your "face", you can get stains and wrinkles if your head and body are exposed to UV rays.

The sunscreen you drink can be expected to have a sunscreen effect on the whole body, such as "sunburn from the eyes" and "sunburn on the hair", so it can be said that it is a completely different type of sunscreen effect from the conventional sunscreen applied.

(It does not mean that you will not get sunburn at all by drinking, so use it together with the sunscreen you apply)


The evidence was presented by Dr. Nuria Katura, Ph.D. in Biochemistry, University of Miguel, Spain.

Nutorox Sun is a natural ingredient created by the combination of rosemary extract, which protects the skin from damage from the sun, and Mediterranean citrus.

From a long-term study of 10 years or more, it inhibits active oxygen generated in epidermal cells by ultraviolet UVB Antioxidation ・ Protection of skin cells against cell death induction in human epidermal cells after UVB irradiation ・ Human epidermal cells Reduced DNA strand breakage

The results of three clinical trials of DNA protection have been obtained, and the <scientifically-founded> <naturally> <user-friendly> ingredient Neutrox Sun has been completed.



So far, there are two types of sunscreens that have been proven and patented are "Foehn Block" and "Neutrox Sun". In terms of numbers, Neutrox Sun is compared to Fane Block.

It has been proven that it is more than twice as strong in protecting cells, and Neutrox Sun has the advantage that it can be effective even if it is drunk after being exposed to ultraviolet rays.

Neutrox Sun is often used as a sunscreen made in Japan, but it seems that you can relieve symptoms such as sudden spots and wrinkles by continuing to drink for about 3 months.

Paila Vert Drinking Sunscreen

  • 60 tablets per box

    Price without tax ¥ 9500 (¥ 10450 with tax)


    How to take

    Since it is a food, there is no particular rule, but
    Take 2-3 capsules daily with water or drink.

    Ingredients Citrus fruit / rosemary leaf extract powder, cyclodextrin, pineapple fruit extract, white chrysanthemum extract / cellulose, HPMC, sucrose ester, fine silicon dioxide, vitamin C, niacin, vitamin E, Ca pantothenate, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, Vitamin B1, Vitamin A, Folic Acid, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12


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